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I'm Thang Tu. I'm here to introduce to you the Token of Discovery - MOZO

First, I would like to talk about the Definition of Mozo, what is the purpose of MOZO? How it work?

  • Mozo is a blockchain-based and it was created to increase the foot traffic back into the physical stores.
  • Mozo is a Indoor Positioning System (IPS) technology,
How it work?
  • Physical stores use MOZO token to offer some task like:
    • Come to my store and you will get 1 MOZO token Reward.
    • If you discover these products in our store, you will get 1 more MOZO token Reward.
  • Physical store can purchased MOZO token from Exchange Platforms that support MOZO:
  • By giving Mozo Token rewards, customers have more motivation to go directly to the physical stores, to discover new products, and make purchases.
  • With these MOZO tokens rewards Customers got from stores, they can easily use it in any stores that accept MOZO:
    • Purchasing items using MOZO tokens.
    • Redeeming tokens at any stores for cash-back, discounts or other rewards.

    • Converting MOZO token to other crypto currencies: BTC, ETH, ... or fiat currencies: USD, HKD, SGD
In long Vision, MOZO can replace all the membership or rewards system for merchants. It's is Universal Loyalty Platform. In that case, Customers do not need to bring a lot of Membership cards with them. They just need to install MOZO app in their Cell Phone, start mining and using MOZO. All in one.

  • It's was tested and the result showing that it had increased 20% of store revenue ( Pilot Test at 361 )
Who can use MOZO?
  • Any venue which need to increase the foot traffic
    • From individual “mom and pop” shops to larger retailers to even greater venues such as malls, stadiums, to even entire cities and countries
    • Hotels, restaurants, events halls, resorts, and tourism boards

Second, I will mention about the strengths of MOZO. Why MOZO, but not another?
  • MOZO is not a concept, development started in 2015
  • MOZO's technologies already tested and proven ( Pilot Test at 361 )
  • 38,000 Retailers are committed to use MOZO 3.0 when launching in JAN-2019
  • Exchange Platforms love MOZO because we will bring them a lot of traders - 38,000 retailers will need to buy more tokens when they run out!
  • Softcap ($20m) is exceeded and already got $31m in Private Sale.
  • Crypto billionaire Moshe Jogeg is sponsoring/advising MOZO
  • CEO Giang Phung already launched 3 IPO
  • Singapore: Datacraft market cap was S$4.6b before sold to giant Telco NTT in Japan
  • Singapore: DMX market cap was peaked at S$460m before sold to 4th largest Telco KDDI in Japan
  • Hong Kong: Future Data (Startup)
  • Coin Rail ( Korea ) had accepted MOZO to listed on their Exchange
  • 300,000 venues will implement Mozo over the next three years
Mozo currently focus on Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and Korea Market and it will expand later on in different countries.

If you are interested in MOZO project, please feel free to find more detail in MOZO White Paper:

MOZO main page:
MOZO Commission's currently up to 18%.
Join me and get 30 free MOZO token, I will refback 50% of what I earn from you:

If you have any question about MOZO, don't hesitate to ask me.

Thank you for your time,

Thang Tu

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